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As a growing business we’ve now got people in more than one location so we’ve been doing more and more remote collaboration to get things done. Some of the tools we love and how we use them are the subject of this post and hopefully they can help you out as well.

Lifehacker is a great website for tips and tricks – we subscribe to their RSS feed […]

Video, iPhones and more… tools vs creativity

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Now as photographers we’ve probably all heard enough of how DSLR video was revolutionizing what everyone could do with video and of course phone cameras are now the number one image capture device for most Americans.  Now with the video capabilities of phones improving there seems to be more and more focus on what can be done with that medium.

Will photographers need to rely on these tools at […]

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This site aggregates images searches so you can see (broken down by site) what YouTube, eBay, flickr, and more think of your search term. I like the idea of this tool visualizing inquiries, like some sort of search engine crystal ball. And what does the Internet think? I was expecting it to be judgmental, but I felt it was pretty objective. I guess credit goes to whomever is improving upon these search algorithms.

Being a vanity […]

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