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Co-Founder of Orange Photography. Dad and runner.

Orange celebrates 22 years and establishes Midwest office

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This month marks the 22nd anniversary of Orange Photography. As we reflect back on this wonderful journey of running a small business in an increasingly expensive city, it is not surprising that we have had to evolve with the times. From our earliest days of running the business out of our awesome Victorian flat in SOMA on the questionable Natoma Street to moving a few blocks away to 9th and Howard, we’ve had our fair share of […]

Southwest Highlights

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 The second segment of my epic road trip was in the Southwest and even though it was in the winter months, the weather was great during that time of the year. The great thing about the arid southwest is that things don't look that different compared to the summer. Undoubtedly my two favorite cities during this segment was Sedona and Santa Fe for different reasons. Like Bend OR, Sedona is a bit of any outdoor lover's dream with the vast array of things you can do almost year around. Meanwhile, Santa Fe had the hippie eclectic charm and spiritual energy that  made me feel right at home. No doubt, I will spend more time in this part of the west in the future. 

Jack launches a new portfolio website

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As a silver lining of the great pandemic of 2020, I took some time (actually a lot of time) to reflect on my body of work and put together some 'highlights' from the past 20 years of professional work. Ironically, the bulk of what I've pull together is a very small percentage of the type of work that I normally do for our corporate clients.

Coursera’s IPO Launch

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It was an early morning as we were in Mountain View, CA for the opening bell at 6:30AM PST. But the day started even earlier as staff members were in the building even hours before and there was plenty of buzz to go around. Produced by Ethos Event Collective, Coursera's normal office space was transformed and set up perfectly for a live recording. 

Leveraging the Current Environment with Custom Stock Photography

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So what’s a great way to emerge out of the pandemic and let your audience know that you’re open and ready for business? How about some custom stock photos that reminds them of your presence and puts you top of mind! Having an updated set of images is a great way to build anticipation and make people look forward to working with you again. And it's something that's still doable as we're socially distancing amid the pandemic. You’ll immediately stand out from your competitors who are still seemingly lying dormant waiting for the best time to start promoting themselves. 

Recapping EventMB’s ‘The Future of the Event Industry 2021 Outlook’

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This was the prevailing question asked throughout Event Manager Blog's virtual conference last week, "The Future of the Event Industry 2021 Outlook". Moderated by EventMB's Founder and former Editor-in-Chief, Julius Solaris, the virtual event brought together many top industry leaders in various sectors as speakers to discuss the current state of the event industry and the many developments that has occurred consequentially from the pandemic-ridden year. 

How Asset Management Can Make Your Life Easier

2024-03-01T13:27:03-08:00By |Categories: Business, News, Photography|Tags: , , |

If you work with a lot of media - videos, pictures, and content from events or your internal team - then you must have a large cache of media assets that you don't know what to do with. Undoubtedly in today’s digital age, media has increasingly become a large part of our everyday experience. We consume and create photos, audio files, video clips, and text content. Though the opportunities for use has increased, the rise in digital media also creates challenges in navigating through all of these stored assets.

The Basics of Setting Up A Live Stream Presentation

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With the world moving towards a more virtual, online presence, the capabilities to have an at-home production have come a long way.  Live streaming used to be a very limited and complex process that often yielded low-quality results. Now it's become easier than ever, but understanding everything that goes into it can still be overwhelming. So we've decided to put together a guide for beginners that provides an overview of the set-up. Afterwards you'll have a better idea what you need to get started and whether it's better to have a professional help you out. 

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