Case Study House #22 is perhaps the most iconic and famous of Julius Shulman’s photographs and it is one of the many subjects in the documentary Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman.

The film is quite educational and many iconic buildings that Shulman photographed are described with details on his creative process as well as what went into particular shots.

What’s interesting is that similar to Bill Cunningham, Shulman also is very focused.  The drive and devotion it takes to excel in a field is evident and although the two are very different from each other, there are many similarities.

If you are interested in photography or architecture then you should definitely check the film out.  I do wish at some points that they would have gone into more of the creative process but there are other films for that!

Oh and if you want to throw a party at Case Study House #22 (now known as the Stahl House), you can!