Coming up is the Greenbuild conference and we are super excited for it.  As a San Francisco Green Business and the first photography studio to earn the City and County of San Francisco’s designation for that, we’re always happy to see more green related conferences happening.  It’s a trend that we are in full support of and we look forward to working with many of the companies in town for Greenbuild.  For those not familiar the conference is the world’s largest expo and conference dedicated to green building.

While we at Orange don’t own our own building, that’s one of the things we’re working towards and we’d love to have a green building.  Next door to my house they just installed solar panels on all of Valencia Gardens so it’s great to see so much of that happening in the city.  Moscone Center, which is hosting the conference and expo also has solar panels and we’re proud to live in such a progressive city with regards to green buildings.

We also have green photobooth solutions and are looking forward to working with companies and individuals who are in town for the Greenbuild in November.  If you have any video, photobooth or event photography or convention photography needs just let us know!