Orange Sponsors Storytellers for Good

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As part of our Giving Back Program, we recently partnered with Storytellers for Good as a photography sponsor for their yearly fundraiser. We worked closely with Cara Jones who founded Storytellers for Good, and this Emmy Award winning news reporter turned nonprofit producer is just as inspiring as the stories she brings to life.


Greenbuild conference and working with other green businesses

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Coming up is the Greenbuild conference and we are super excited for it.  As a San Francisco Green Business and the first photography studio to earn the City and County of San Francisco’s designation for that, we’re always happy to see more green related conferences happening.  It’s a trend that we are in full support of and we look forward to working with many of the […]

Small Business Grants for our Social Photography program

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Help us win a small business grant!We’re applying for the “Love a Local Business” small business grant and want to put the money to use as part of our Social Photography program.  If you have worked with us or know about our non-profit and socially responsible work that we do, we’d love a kind word.  This runs through December and we’ll notify everyone if we are one […]

Great small businesses in SF to support

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la cocina and home green home natural cleaning

During our work we come across all sorts of interesting people and businesses and we recently worked with some government agencies and got to check out two particularly cool local businesses here in San Francisco.  One was home green home – a natural cleaning company that’s also a co-op that allows the […]

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