In these busy times it’s often hard to find inspiration for ideas whether it’s for your photography, or for running your photography business. One of the ways I like to spend time is listening to This American Life when I travel or when it’s actually on the air. The program is fantastic with all sorts of stories about an unimaginable number of subjects. There’s something for everyone and a few favorites of mine include the following:

You can also find inspiration in the weirdest places, and from listening to the program, you might find yourself struck with a new concept or perspective you hadn’t thought of before. This often happens for me when I am traveling and being forced to take some down time.

Middle School – Act Four: Who knew morning announcements have evolved so much. Theme “loss of innocence”

The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms: this one is just plain hilarious and yet shows so much about what makes people tick…

Poultry Slam 2011. Act Two:  Tom the terrorizing turkey of Martha’s vineyard.
What I Learned: did you know that San Francisco banned chickens playing tic tac toe (due to animal cruelty)

You might be asking, “Why is that useful in business??  Because stories are memorable and as we all should know, you are your brand (especially as a photographer).  So when you are out any time and meeting folks or at a  networking event, if you have some relevant and interesting stories to tell,  you & your brand become more memorable.  Then the next time that person or business needs what you provide, they can more easily remember whom to call.