chase jarvis LIVE with @swissmiss – passion projects!

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chasejarvisLIVEscreenWe were fortunate enough to get to attend chasejarvisLIVE live and in person recently!  Two members from our team were in attendance in the standing-room-only creativeLIVE studios here in San Francisco on Wednesday June 18th where Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka @swissmiss) was in conversation with Chase Jarvis.

genex2014_RAW-210fOne of the themes was side projects and labors of love and why you should take […]

Book Review Imagine How Creativity Works

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Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer is a good book for photographers since it delves into creativity and inspiration and where that all comes from.

Since many photographers are also small business owners, the same creativity and inspiration is also useful for running and growing a business.

Some of the insights that came out of the book make a lot of sense and having done a lot of work […]

Seeking inspiration?

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In these busy times it’s often hard to find inspiration for ideas whether it’s for your photography, or for running your photography business. One of the ways I like to spend time is listening to This American Life when I travel or when it’s actually on the air. The program is fantastic with all sorts of stories about an unimaginable number of subjects. […]

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