Book Review Imagine How Creativity Works

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Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer is a good book for photographers since it delves into creativity and inspiration and where that all comes from.

Since many photographers are also small business owners, the same creativity and inspiration is also useful for running and growing a business.

Some of the insights that came out of the book make a lot of sense and having done a lot of […]

Review: The Art of Being Unreasonable

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The title of this business book by Eli Broad appeals to my creative side.  As a small business owner and a creative, we know that being unreasonable can result in breakthroughs or at least original thinking.  Broad is probably most known for his business and philanthropic success including KB Home, but in this book he explains a lot of his […]

Times and Fashions Change – Ethics Never Go Out of Style! by Joan Eisenstodt

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Ethics are a touchy subject and in the events industry, with the GSA scandal in the news recently, it’s an important topic.  Even in the sports and academic worlds, ethics has been in the news with the inaction at Penn State resulting in a terrible situation there.

Joan Eisenstodt presented at both MPINCC and ISES-NCC and she starts off with this question (from Can Ethics […]

Book Review: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

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Successful people have little reason to change… makes sense doesn’t it? That’s sort of the gist behind Marshall Goldsmith’s book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”.  It’s a great read for anyone who works with others and/or is a leader so it really hit home for me. As a small business, one of our most important assets is our people, and we’re always striving […]

Productivity tools

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As a growing business we’ve now got people in more than one location so we’ve been doing more and more remote collaboration to get things done. Some of the tools we love and how we use them are the subject of this post and hopefully they can help you out as well.

Lifehacker is a great website for tips and tricks – we subscribe to their RSS feed […]

Seeking inspiration?

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In these busy times it’s often hard to find inspiration for ideas whether it’s for your photography, or for running your photography business. One of the ways I like to spend time is listening to This American Life when I travel or when it’s actually on the air. The program is fantastic with all sorts of stories about an unimaginable number of subjects. […]

Onward Book Review

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Chances are you’ve been into a Starbucks at some point and if not, that you know the brand. People have all sorts of feelings about Starbucks but one thing is for sure – they’ve had a very interesting ride as a company. This book tells of the experience of Howard Schultz, the two-time CEO and spokesperson of the company.

Onward is […]

What I learned at ASMP’s SB3 and why you should go

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ASMP has been putting on the Strictly Business series for a while now and having attending the last two, I can heartily recommend it.  Many photographers have the mistaken notion that just becoming a better photographer is all you need to do to improve your business.  While the 10,000 hours of practice theory that Malcolm Gladwell has […]

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