Review: Life is a Gift: The Zen of Bennett

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the zen of tony bennett

Most people know of Tony Bennett as the amazing musician, but he’s also a painter and does watercolors.  I had just come from checking out a watercolor show of a high school friend, Iain Stewart, when I decided to crack open this book and start on it while visiting my family in Alabama.

Right off the bat, some of the things Bennett notes were immediately […]

Art Basel is not the only thing going on in Miami’s art scene

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On my most recent trip to Miami, I had the fortune to actually get out of South Beach (where I typically am for shoots) and head into Miami proper, this time checking out the Wynwood Arts District.  This area has undergone a renaissance of late, and anyone who’s been to Art Basel Miami has no doubt enjoyed the resurgence.

On this particular day (a Monday), not all of […]

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