ISES-NCC Education program: The Psychology of Events by Kevin White

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Photographing events gives us a pretty broad exposure into the world of how events are run and how people respond to them.  However, on Tuesday March 19th, Kevin White, CSEP, and Chief Strategist at XPL presented on the psychology of events.  This was an interesting topic since it went much deeper into how to make events with maximum impact.

The keys can down to something that all photographers are familiar with […]

Career Day @ Thurgood Marshall

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So we participated in Career Day at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School here in San Francisco last week and it was a lot of fun.  Although students seemed pretty apathetic, it was cool that they were honest like the time I asked them if our group was less or more boring than the previous group and one girl blurted out “more”.

Here’s a few shots they took as I passed the camera around and explained what we […]

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