First Exposures kills it!

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Last Thursday was the benefit auction for the First Exposures mentoring program at SF Camerawork and the fundraiser raised over $60,000 – the biggest fundraiser to date!  We had a packed house at the gallery and there was a lot of great work up.  Alan Bamberger made an appearance as did a ton of others there to support the program.  Having been a mentor for […]

SFMOMA Family Day

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SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) has been one of our favorite clients over the past ten years. They recently brought us in to cover another one of their Family Day events. We always appreciate how SFMOMA provides family activities influencing San Francisco’s artistic culture (and the kids always have a blast too!). Target was a great sponsor for the event and a pleasure to work […]

Portrait Session Party – Some Seriously Cute Kids

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Jack photographed these adorable bundles of joy this past week at our very first Portrait Session Party! It looked like a ton of fun, chasing after the kiddies, catching some great shots. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, too; its always easier to have your photo taken when the pressure if off and its just a bunch of kids having fun together! Here are just a few from that day (just a warning, you won’t be […]

Career Day @ Thurgood Marshall

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So we participated in Career Day at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School here in San Francisco last week and it was a lot of fun.  Although students seemed pretty apathetic, it was cool that they were honest like the time I asked them if our group was less or more boring than the previous group and one girl blurted out “more”.

Here’s a few shots they took as I passed the camera around and explained what we […]

Family Days at SF MOMA

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The SF MOMA hosts some really great Family Programs. You can bring the kids for free and check out educational activities hosted in the Koret Center as well as performances around the museum. These are always a joy to shoot (I get paid to stalk the lil munchkins!). Find out more about upcoming programs here.

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