Spring at First Exposures

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A day out with First Exposures, a San Francisco-based, nationally recognized youth mentoring program that strives to make a major long-term difference in the lives of high-need, underserved San Francisco Bay Area youth by providing a venue for them to enhance their self-confidence, develop their creativity, and gain a passion for learning.

Back to School, First Exposures returns!

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Another school year has kicked off and that means that another year of First Exposures has kicked off as well.  As a long-time mentor in the program, we’ve seen it grow over the years and this year has a ton of new faces.  It’s great to see this program growing and after our second class of the year, things are already starting to […]

First Exposures kills it!

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Last Thursday was the benefit auction for the First Exposures mentoring program at SF Camerawork and the fundraiser raised over $60,000 – the biggest fundraiser to date!  We had a packed house at the gallery and there was a lot of great work up.  Alan Bamberger made an appearance as did a ton of others there to support the program.  Having been a mentor for […]

Support First Exposures – next benefit show April 26, 2012

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First Exposures: Empowering Youth Through PhotographyFirst Exposures provides free weekly photography classes for San Francisco’s underserved youth. Each student is matched with a working photographer who serves as a positive adult role model and provides individualized guidance […]

First Exposures Zine Release party!

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first exposures mentoring zineWell this semester of mentoring is wrapping up and the final event will be the zine release party at Adobe Books on Friday June 5, 2009.  I’ve had a great time working with the kids in the program and some of the zines are really neat.  The digital class did theirs using digital images and technology with the film class […]

Ghana Youth and First Exposures art opening at SF Camerawork

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SF Camerawork Opening

Last night I checked out the opening for”United in Nima: Bay Area and Ghanaian Youth Share Lives Through the Lens” at SF Camerawork.  I do some mentoring in First Exposures so this opening had a personal connection and it was amazing to see the work the mentees did while in Ghana.  The show is up at Camerawork until March […]

Gyros revisited

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So this past weekend during First Exposures mentoring I was out taking photos with one of the mentees and came across this new gyro woman ad – this time for Chicken Gyros. I hadn’t seen this one and it is nice to see a new addition to the library of stock gyro women in the posters (as we’ve noted before on our blog). My mentee was mostly documenting graffiti and I actually was able to learn a […]

It’s National Mentoring Month

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So January is National Mentoring Month. At Orange we’re participating in First Exposures, which is a mentoring program for youth and of course involves photography. It’s a great program but there are tons of opportunities to volunteer as a mentor. We encourage you to check out the numerous opportunities to do so in the Bay Area! Here’s a link to a video for the ReelPeople Project that Friends of Youth put together – they manage some of […]

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