Associate happy hour and photo booth fun!

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photo booth Orange HappyHourIt’s Friday!  It’s San Francisco Beer Week!  In honor of that earlier this week we hosted some of our Associate Photographers at the studio for a photo booth and happy hour gathering.  As we’re evolving our program, we brought together some folks to chat about the changes that are happening with the program and some of the new things we’ve implemented as well […]

Film Reviews: Chasing Ice, More Than the Rainbow

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Two recent documentaries we’ve watched focus on two very different photographers.  The first is Chasing Ice, which follows James Balog and tells the story of the Extreme Ice Survey which he’s been doing for many years and follows the travails of Balog as he works to tip public opinion on climate change so that people will do what’s necessary to save our planet for future generations.  Motivated by his daughters […]

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