Photo Journal – Life in Quarantine: San Francisco

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Coronavirus quarantine san francisco March 19, 2020 – Shortly after Governer Newsom’s edict tonight – scenes from the Mission District

As a non-essential business, we at Orange Photography have been doing our best to weather this pandemic and ride things out.  In San Francisco we went into […]

Happy Hour at the Hibernia

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The Main Banking Hall at the Hibernia.

As we approached The Hibernia at 1 Jones Street, I knew instantly that we were in for a treat. If you have spent any time in the city you’ll surely recognize the exterior of this San Francisco landmark. A few of us from Orange Photography were there to scope out this new event space. Orange was also one of the […]

Photography as a workout

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Just this past week we were in Chicago to shoot the Schwab IMPACT conference and just got back from it. One of the things that came up during the conference that we’ve tackled before, was the amount of walking during a day of shooting. Talking to one of the other photographers, I decided to track how many steps I took during the full day […]

Pier 24 Photography

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Just last month we finally took our team out to explore Pier 24.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an exhibition space that’s used to showcase photography.  Much of the exhibit is from the Pilara Foundation Collection but they also showcase other work outside of the collection.

The collection on display during our visit (and that’s up until February 28, 2013) is called About Face, and […]

Noise Pop photography

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Last week  was the Noise Pop Festival where there were a ton of great bands in town. Shooting shows and bands live is really fun since there’s usually a lot of emotion and passion, which makes it easier to capture interesting photos.  Since we were shooting for the festival we got to see a great mix of bands.  Here’s a few of […]

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