As a growing business we’ve now got people in more than one location so we’ve been doing more and more remote collaboration to get things done. Some of the tools we love and how we use them are the subject of this post and hopefully they can help you out as well.

Lifehacker is a great website for tips and tricks – we subscribe to their RSS feed and always love what they post…

Dropbox: this is one of my faves since it’s useful to back up data or share files and sync them up.  When we do live projection we sometimes send the photos from one computer to another via Dropbox to project them elsewhere.

Doodle: although I loathe to say it out loud, this tool is useful for scheduling meeting times when it’s hard to figure out what works for everyone.

Got a Facebook event that you need to export the guest list for? Don’t see that function on Facebook? Yeah us too! So we use Evuli: it let’s you export your full list in an spreadsheet with tabs for each reply type.

For iPhone users here are two useful apps:  Genius Scan and ImagetoText.  Genius Scan is great for us to use when you need to make a PDF of a document when you are on site.  You can just use the phone’s camera and take a pic and it’ll save it out as a PDF that you can email or sync up with your Evernote.   With ImagetoText, you can use it as an OCR scanner.  If you read a nice passage that you want to share in an email as actual text instead of an image or PDF, then it’s a good tool for that.

Let us know of any other tools you like as well!