Videos are a booming trend in the events and marketing industry

Marketers have always needed a way to promote their services to their potential clients and historically, this has been mostly done through images and text describing what they can offer. But in today’s world of modern technology, video has become a central component of effective marketing campaigns and strategies.
Statistics show that over 54% of consumers prefer to see video content from brands, which is the highest amount over emails, images, and articles. And what that translates to is 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing (Hubspot). This all explains why we’re seeing more and more businesses placing videos on their websites and channels. 
But why exactly has it become so popular? And are they worth of all those resources required to produce one? You may have your doubts, but the short answer is that they’re totally worth the investment.
Here we’ll explain why videos are an emerging tech trend and why you should adopt them in your next marketing campaign.

Why have videos become so popular?

What marketers have figured out based on all of the statistics around videos is that videos are so much more preferable type of content to consume over any other. And this is because of several reasons:
For one, it’s so easy to digest and consume. Compared to reading text, which can be long and cumbersome, watching a video gives our eyes and mind a rest from scanning through several lines of words.  In addition, videos can be much more entertaining and engaging because there’s so many possibilities to put on the screen and viewers are never sure of what they’re going to see.  If you think about it, the sight of a video player is much more appealing than a long paragraph to read! 
Both for producers and consumers, videos have just become very accessible. You see more and more video production agencies springing up and the tools to create videos are becoming more abundant. Also, with the advancement of streaming and high-speed internet, just about every major media service is able to show videos on their platform and has made it easy to share across multiple channels
No doubt, because of recent technological advancements, the return on investment for producing video content has shot through the roof and most companies are looking for ways to advantage of it to promote their business. 

How Videos Are A Powerful Tool To Promote Your Business

Now that we understand why videos are so successful, we can go deeper into the mechanisms that make them so powerful. 

Videos boost ROI and conversions because they’re most effective at explaining ideas

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 83% of businesses believe that video provides a good return on investment. And one of the main reasons is because they can explain a product or service so clearly. There are endless ways to combine information into a video and arrange it so it will be interesting to the viewer. The visual components allow viewers to understand complex ideas that text simply cannot do. This is why statistics show that adding a video to a product’s landing page can increase conversions by 80%if a user can understand the product better, they’re more likely to move forward with a purchase.
In addition to the explanatory aspect of video, they can also build trust between the user and company. Since trust and relationship are crucial to getting conversions and many consumers are skeptical about buying services on the internet because of possible fraud or cheating, videos are an effective way to get an emotional response and personal connection. They present the information in a conversational form and shows the product in action so viewers can get a better idea of what they’re potentially purchasing, which explains why 57% of consumers said videos gave them more confidence to purchase online

Video caters to user preferences

We briefly discussed this in the introduction, but video marketing caters to how users want to consume information because it’s easy and entertaining compared to reading text. With video, you don’t have to look anything up, read long descriptions, or do additional research into a company’s services because it can all be delivered and packaged into a video. These viewers want to see the company and product in action and videos are the best at engaging these viewers
If you consider the amount of mobile users in today’s world and the fact that 90% of consumers watch video on their mobile, you can see how much it appeals to mobile users. Therefore accessing their attention through their phone has huge potential to grow your audience and potential conversions. 
The results are very clear in this aspect, with 90% of consumers saying that a video can help them make a purchasing decision and putting videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Videos will keep audiences engaged and interested and will lead them to further explore a website for more information – up to two whole minutes more – and the longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to purchase from it

The analytics agree that users prefer video content

Since videos increase the time spend by visitors on your website or channel, this means the additional exposure builds more trust and signals to search engines that your website has good content. Therefore you’re more likely to show up higher on Google rankings if you have a video on your site – 53 times more likely to be exact. This can be further benefitted by optimizing your videos for SEO and adding interesting titles and descriptions, with calls to action that encourage users to take the next step. 
According to Cisco, over 80% of all online traffic will be video by 2021. And search engines will rank video sources high because they’re considered high quality content. 
With all of this statistical support pointing to the power of video in increasing your exposure and ROI, it’s hard not to consider implementing video campaigns into your next marketing strategy. Stay tuned for further articles about how to implement specific techniques in your video marketing!

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