Pinball Expo 2015 Photo Report

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Undoubtably you may have noticed that at Orange we have taken a liking to pinball with the machines in the studio and with the work we’ve done supporting Project Pinball and other pinball related charities.  This week two of us were on hand at Pinball Expo and get a VIP tour of the Stern Pinball factory as a kick off to the annual trade show and expo. […]

Github Dodgeball and Rocket Fuel Olympics Build Comradery

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Bonding with your coworkers doesn’t have to be at happy hour. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chatting over a good beer or margarita. Magnolia just opened up Smokestack a block away from our studio and their beer is incredible! But there are TONS of other ways to connect with coworkers outside of work. […]

Orange Photography Charity Pinball Tournament for First Exposures

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pinball2014_1232f Chris Harkins, host of the tournament, takes a shot at the side tournament on Lord of the Rings.

This past Sunday we organized our first charity pinball tournament in Oakland to benefit First Exposures.  The event ended up with 41 players from around the Bay Area including some very high ranking players as well as first time competitive pinballers and players representing six different countries.  The tournament was played […]

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