Happy Earth Day week/end!

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As a San Francisco Green Business we’ve always loved Earth Day and supported efforts to green our business as much as we can. In fact, we started out as a digital studio back in 2001 because we liked how digital wasn’t as chemically intensive as traditional film processing was. Anyhow, we’ve had a good Earth Day week so far, covering the Mayor’s Earth Day Breakfast on Wednesday and […]

Governor Jerry Brown’s inauguration

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We’ve been busy with political shoots of late.  Last year we photographed former Governor Schwarzenegger many times as well as other political notables.  We were on hand at the private post-inauguration party last night for incoming Governor Jerry Brown who made a brief appearance as well as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  He may be the most photographed mayor of another city that we’ve shot having […]

Behind the Scenes of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Official Portrait

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Behind the Scenes - Gavin Newsom Portrait
Gene and I recently had the honor of shooting Mayor Gavin Newsom’s official portrait in City Hall. Gene, of course, has shot dozens of portraits, but this one takes on special meaning as it will hang alongside all of the Mayor’s predecessors in City Hall. Mayor Newsom’s time in office comes to an end come January as he heads to Sacramento to […]

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