What does retouching mean?

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Move your mouse over me

Orange’s guide to natural retouching. (roll over Rebecca above to see her before picture)

The topic of retouching can be a tricky one. With advances in digital technology, the widely accepted embrace of digital photography by the professional photography community and the saturation of photo enhancement programs, everyone […]

Portraits of Zahra

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Zahra Noorbakhsh

I previously blogged about a shoot with actress and funny woman Zahra Noorbakhsh and got to photograph her again at the studio last week! Her solo show “All Atheists are Muslim” continues in June in San Francisco.  It’s a personal and comedic glimpse into her life, as she convinces her immigrant Iranian Muslim parents it’s time her white Atheist boyfriend moves in with her.

Zahra got into character for the shoot […]

Behind the Scenes of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Official Portrait

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Behind the Scenes - Gavin Newsom Portrait

Gene and I recently had the honor of shooting Mayor Gavin Newsom’s official portrait in City Hall. Gene, of course, has shot dozens of portraits, but this one takes on special meaning as it will hang alongside all of the Mayor’s predecessors in City Hall. Mayor Newsom’s […]