It’s Polaroid Week – and what is a Polaroid exactly?

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Instant photography was a popular thing a while back but has recently picked up in popularity and it’s been something we’ve been doing for clients for quite some time.  Of course we’re lucky that Polaroid Originals (formerly the Impossible Project) has been fighting the good fight to keep actual Polaroid format film […]

Visit Denmark!

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We got to work this event that Key Events put on for Visit Denmark and SAS Airlines and you can see our photography team at work shooting Polaroids and such in this video.  I recently made my first trip to Denmark and Copenhagen (and Roskilde) and flew SAS to Copenhagen and had a wonderful time.  The Smørrebrød brought back memories from the trip (I had it several times, and you can get some […]

Creative tools: the Polaroid Close Up Stand Model 7500

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IMPOSSIBLE   accessories  Image Spectra CloseUp Stand

As you probably know if you’ve followed our agency or this blog, we love instant photography and have been happy to promote it to our clients as well often shooting vintage Polaroid cameras with Impossible Project film.  Well we lucked out and got a Christmas/Holiday present from the Impossible Project folks of a Polaroid Close-Up Stand this past December […]

Review: Instant The Story of Polaroid

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Ever since Polaroid announced that it was done with instant photography and the Impossible Project started up, I’ve been obsessed with instant photography.  I had some of the last packs of Polaroid film and still have one pack in the fridge that, most likely, I should use pretty soon.

Anyhow, when I heard about Instant: The Story of Polaroid was being released, I was excited to check […]

San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Champions!

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Well, the 2012 baseball season is over and the crew at Orange was super excited to see our San Francisco Giants win the World Series for the second time in three years.  It was also awesome that one of the main hashtags for the postseason was #OrangeOctober, which of course, we loved!

During the course of the season, we took some Impossible Project […]

America’s Cup Photos and Photo booths

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view from on deck of the Oracle Race Team

We’ve already done a bit for the America’s Cup and are pretty excited for more events to photograph.  We also have some special offerings including marine photo booth options and other cool ideas that can make America’s Cup events unique.  Our Polaroid coverage is also pretty popular and we’ve been shooting Impossible Project film quite a […]

Polaroid SX-70, Impossible Project films and sparking creativity

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I’ve always loved the Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and finally found one in great condition on eBay so bidded on it and won.  I had been saving some Impossible Project Fade to Black Film 10/09 film just to use with this and did a personal project with it to see how it’d turn out.  Of course with expermental film like Fade To Black you never know […]

The Impossible Project has brought Polaroid back (and it’s now on sale!)

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As we’ve mentioned in our twitter feed, we were excited that The Impossible Project was attempting to preserve the Polaroid format and they’ve actually succeeded in phase one and they are now selling their first batches of film.  They’ve reformulated things and have a variety of options now on sale in their online shop – the prices are about the same as what you can […]

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