Understanding Video Production For Event Planners & Marketers

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You may have noticed the recent trend of videos becoming a more prominent choice for how companies want to market themselves and connect with their audiences. Whether you want to capture a fun and exciting experience or build attendance and sponsorship for future events, adding video production to your package is a great way to promote your message across multiple platforms.
Depending on what you want to capture, there are different levels of production that will […]


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genex2014_0262fWe got our new LOMO’INSTANT just before the holidays so of course had to take it out and test it out during travels home for the holidays so here’s a review of the camera.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Lomo Instant, it’s produced by Lomography, who has brought the Diana and classic Lomo cameras to us before.  It uses the widely available Fuji Instax Mini […]

What’s in your bag: Gene X Hwang

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People are often fascinated by the gear we carry and I know a ton of photographers who are total gearheads.  I admit that I also enjoy seeing what gear other photographers are using although ultimately it’s more the eye and creativity from the mind that matters more than what you are using.  That being said, there are a lot of cool and […]

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