Help-Portrait wrapup 2012

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Help-Portrait was a lot of fun this year and Orange was happy to participate including donating equipment and supplies as well as manpower.  This year our Help-Portrait location at the Bayview Opera House photographed over 670 people and included 117 volunteers.  It was even crazier than last year and the vibe was fantastic.  The kids in First Exposures all had fun and realized the power of giving back to the community.  This video was […]

Holiday Gifting Ideas (of the non-commercial type!)

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holiday gift giving ideas for charity from orange photography

Ahhh!  Can’t believe how quickly the holidays have crept up on us?  I feel like we were just celebrating the Giants’ World Series win and suddenly we’re hearing holiday music everywhere. Black Friday!  Small Business Saturday! Cyber Monday!  Giving Tuesday – it’s all a bit much eh?

Although most of America’s business […]

Back to School, First Exposures returns!

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Another school year has kicked off and that means that another year of First Exposures has kicked off as well.  As a long-time mentor in the program, we’ve seen it grow over the years and this year has a ton of new faces.  It’s great to see this program growing and after our second class of the year, things are already starting to […]

First Exposures kills it!

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Last Thursday was the benefit auction for the First Exposures mentoring program at SF Camerawork and the fundraiser raised over $60,000 – the biggest fundraiser to date!  We had a packed house at the gallery and there was a lot of great work up.  Alan Bamberger made an appearance as did a ton of others there to support the program.  Having been a mentor for […]

Support First Exposures – next benefit show April 26, 2012

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First Exposures: Empowering Youth Through PhotographyFirst Exposures provides free weekly photography classes for San Francisco’s underserved youth. Each student is matched with a working photographer who serves as a positive adult role model and provides individualized guidance […]

Behind the Scenes: Help Portrait 2011

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Help Portrait 2011, Bayview Opera House

Great work & thank you to everyone who came out to Bayview Opera House for Help Portrait 2011 on December 10th! We joined SF Camerawork’s First Exposures students, along with Pro Camera, GassersRayKo and over 100 volunteers […]

Help Portrait – December 10th

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On December 10th, we’ll be taking part in the worldwide event, Help Portrait. Help Portrait, founded by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, is a global movement of photographers – from diverse cities as Clarksburg, West Virginia, to Milan, Italy – volunteering their time, camera gear, and expertise during the holiday season to give a person or families in need the gift of […]

Successful First Exposures photobooth and auction!

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The First Exposures program is one we’ve supported for quite some time.  I remember first thinking about doing a similar idea through Orange but then found out that it was already being done well, and now I’ve been mentoring with that program for a few years.  Last month there was an auction which we had our photobooth at and it was a big hit.  But the […]

First Exposures at Orange Photography Studio!

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We were delighted to host the First Exposures program as the last real big ‘event’ at our old studio space at 1261 Howard in SOMA.  It was a lot of fun and I think the kids got a kick out of it.  It’s amazing all the different looks you can get in that one spot, and the kids got really creative as did the mentors.

There will be a benefit […]

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